What Jean’s Clients Have Said…..

Jean was very good throughout the entire process. She was very accommodating to anything that was needed in order to get the sale to go thru quickly and also was very helpful whenever we were out of town due to relocation travel.

She has been our best experience yet when selling a property.

Jorge, Seller – Loveland


Awesome working with Jean Clark! The professional photos used for marketing along with her knowledge and experience led to an acceptable offer in 1 week.

Kayse, Seller – Mason


Jean Clark helped us find our home within one month of hunting to closing. She’s the best!

Brooke, Buyer – Montgomery


Jean Clark was extremely professional in her dealings with me and very pleasant. She was always available and always communicated with me. She was always on top of everything we needed and I felt like I never had to worry about a thing because she took care of it all. I would definitely recommend Jean and would use her again.

Lynne, Buyer - Loveland


A powerhouse all her own. Hired realtor (another company) condo sat for 30 days. Recommended by or, Jean jumped right in listing condo on internet on a Friday night 10:30P, open house showing very next day (Saturday) neighbor, 4 walked though, cash offer Monday! 3 days’ condo sold!!! Extremely impressed with her expertise!

Mindy, Seller -  West Chester 


Jean made us feel like part of the family. She literally inspired us with confidence walking us through the tough journey of relocating a family of 7.  We not only ended up finding the home of our dreams but feel like we gained a very good friend.   Thank you, Jean!  

Vincenzo, Buyer - Mason, Ohio


Jean was very honest and did a great job selling our house. She went above and beyond in gathering extra details on our HOA that we were unaware of when I first bought my place. I felt comfort knowing that my house was going to be sold with the most maximized due because she had all the right information.  

Josh, Seller - Blue Ash


I can't express how grateful and honored I am to have had Jean as my Realtor.  She was kind, thoughtful, and immeasurably helpful and understanding.  I am thrilled that we found the perfect house and I know I couldn't have done it without her experience and guidance.  I thank her for having my back throughout the entire process.  I will recommend her to everyone I know.  

Robyn, Buyer - Cincinnati


I had interviewed 5 other real estate agents prior to meeting Jean.  She listened intently to what I said I was going to do for updating then made some gentle suggestions. (She "firmed" those up later).  She provided great advice and encouragement throughout the process. It would have been very difficult to complete and I wouldn't have gotten as much profit. She also kept me from doing unnecessary things that would have added cost and gotten no return. She knows her trade very well and it was my pleasure to have her at my side for this project.  

Steve, Seller - Mason Ohio


Highly professional and attentive to our needs. Once she had an overview on what we were looking for, she targeted in only on properties that mirrored our wish list which saved a tremendous amount of time on our part. We were under the gun as we had sold our property out of state and needed to find something in short order. She nailed the area and the property and was with us lock step through the inspection and closing process. She stood her ground on our behalf to complete the inspection punch list. We could not have done this so seamlessly without her.  

Ken and Kathy, Buyers - West Chester


"Our house was sold in less than a week! When previous listing agent (Sibcy Cline) couldn't sell it for 6 months, Jean not only sold the house, she got us more money than what Sibcy told us we could get!"  

Mario and Jill, Sellers - Sharonville

 "There were issues that arose following the sale of our home. Jean continued to follow and provide assistance - above and beyond!"       

Connie, Buyer and Seller - Mason, Ohio


"Jean is very professional and helped with advice at all stages of buying and selling."  

Vicki Buyer and Seller- Cincinnati, Ohio


"I am completely satisfied with Jean. She delivered exceptional service and my expectations were exceeded. I definitely would and have recommended her to friends, family and colleagues."  

Webber Homes, Builder/Seller, Butler County


"Jean is extremely professional and knowledgeable. We had never sold a home before, so we needed her expertise, guidance and patience. She was incredibly diplomatic in dealing with a divorce situation and keeping both of us informed on every step of the process. I would definitely recommend her. She is a woman of integrity."

 Mary Lou Seller- Montgomery


"Since my wife is somewhat handicapped, Jean was very helpful to her and conscious of her needs and time required."  

Donald, Buyer and Seller - Sharonville 


My wife and I contracted Jean to sell two houses and to subsequently buy one house.  The first sale occurred within 3 weeks of listing while the second took only 1 week.  Both of these transactions happened during the housing market crash.  Jean advised us what was important and what was not in staging the houses we were selling.  This saved us time so we didn’t waste efforts in doing unnecessary work.  Once the second house sold we were in a panic to find a new house.  Jean calmly took us to many houses that met the criteria we had given her.  We found a house within a couple of weeks.  There were some interesting challenges at closings o the various properties having to do with the other parties.  Jean handled all of these professionally and smoothly while keeping my wife and I out of trouble.”

Jack, Buyer and Seller – Mason, Cincinnati and Liberty Township


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jean both as a business colleague and most recently as my Realtor.  When my husband and I made the decision to relocate, Jean was my first call.  She utilized her marketing background to assess other homes in our area and make recommendations on what we needed to do to sell our home.  Based on Jean’s recommendations, or house sold in less than a week!  (2007) I would absolutely recommend Jean to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house.  She is great to work with and her advertising and marketing background is a great asset, particularly during the selling process!” 

Sandy, Seller – Mason


“I have known Jean for over 30 years and she is one of the most dynamic, ethical, and creative people I have ever known.  I can highly recommend her to anyone as she is the “embodiment” of customer service.”

Kathryn, General Counsel, CBS Personnel Services, LLC – Indian Hill


“Jean was a great connection on our home finding process.  Her advice was very necessary and well-provided, was oriented to our family needs.  She was very professional.  We are very satisfied with her coaching and definitely would recommend her. 

Alida, Buyer – Mason


“You can usually judge an agent’s level of success by his or her commitment to education.  Jean is always sitting front and center at workshops, continuing education classes and training sessions in an effort to improve her skills, thereby offering more value to her clients.”

Sean Carpenter – Director of Training and Education Coldwell Banker


“Jean understands that this is business is all about building strong relationships through outstanding service.  It is her passion for what she does that makes her such an outstanding agent.”

Joe King, President Coldwell Banker